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Top best 24V LED Strip Lights

24V LED Strip Lights

Do you want to create awesome light effects without spending a lot of money and keeping your house safe? Check the 10 best 24V LED strips, they’re perfect for you!

How does a 24V LED strip work? What’s the difference between a 24V LED and the 12V and 110-120V models?

The difference is in the voltage. 24V LED strips work in the same way as any other strip, and it’s incredibly simple. The main advantage of a 24V LED strip, if you don’t mind using an adapter, is the safety and the reduced power consumption, when compared to 110-120V models.

Yes, you will need an adapter or a transformer to adapt the voltage of a 24V LED strip to your normal socket at home, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Just like the 12V LED strips, 24V LED strips need an adapter to be able to work with electricity from your household sockets, but the latter has higher levels of light intensity and can have a greater length (10 meters, against 5 meters from the 12V LED strips), so they’ll give you many more options.

These models can’t have as much power and intensity as the 110-120V models, but you can buy high-brightness solutions, like the SMD 5050 or the SMD 5630. These have more lumens and can provide enough light for your home. With the 110-120V LED strips, you can have up to 50 meters of strip and connect them directly to the current, but they will consume more energy and can be less safe.

Why buy 24V LED strips?

If you want to play with lights and bring out the best of the spaces in your house, a 24V LED strip with RGB capabilities will be your best allied. These models can combine the primary colours to emit millions of different colours. If you also want white light, the RGBW LED strips will give you that as well. You can have a 24V LED strip illuminating any part of your home with fixed light or flashing light, and they also allow you to define schedules and set timers.

You can go one step further and buy an advanced LED strip with 24V and Wi-Fi connectivity. With these models, you’ll be able to control every parameter with your smartphone or even with your voice, if you connect it to a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Alexa. Make the LED light follow your commands!

Either it’s for a wall in your living room, a kitchen counter, the ceiling of your bedroom, or any piece of furniture, window or device, 24V LED strips will look amazing. Choose a rigid strip or a flexible strip to perfectly fit your needs and place them wherever you want. Even if you want to create magic ambiences outside, there are LED strips with IP65, Ip67 and IP68 protection, which means they’re waterproof!

24V LED strips are cheap and consume little energy, but they still present some great features. Start your journey into lighting and home automation!

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