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Top Best Alexa Compatible LED Strip Lights

Alexa Compatible LED Strip Lights

Imagine saying «Alexa, change lights from green to red» and having that happen? With an Alexa compatible LED strip, you can do it!

How does an Alexa compatible LED strip work?

Alexa compatible LED strips work by connecting to your Wi-Fi network and then pairing with Amazon’s virtual assistant. Usually, any smart speaker from the Echo range will do the trick.

One they’re connected, you will need to configure the voice commands as you would with any other application. Set the instructions you need for the actions you need and that’s it! Alexa will now manage your lighting system according to your orders.

Invite your friends over and surprise them by saying “Alexa, turn the lights off” and then “Alexa, turn the lights on”, so you can see the look on their faces!

Why buy LED strips for Alexa from Amazon?

First of all, think about all the amazing things you’ll be able to do if you buy LED strips for Alexa from Amazon: choose between static and flashing light; changing colours; adjusting the intensity; setting timers; and many more… Be sure to check the features included on the LED strip before buying it, because some models do not include all of these features.

But in any case, you’ll be able to invent magical atmospheres at your place, with an intelligent LED lighting system that can incorporate many different strips. Be a maker and create different groupings of colours between different strips and synchronize them with the music with a voice command. Your friends will go crazy!

The light from LED strips is already amazing when you want to improve the mood of a room, but if you connect it to a virtual assistant, everything is better.

Forget about remotes, forget about having to get up to change the light. Just concentrate on having a good time and enjoying your home. You will save energy because you won’t forget the lights on.

Prices vary depending on the features of the LED strips, but most of them are quite cheap, and they are a good investment, because they consume less energy, they last a long time and will also be a way of learning something about smart lighting and home automation technology.

Make your home a better and smarter place with a LED strip for Alexa from Amazon.

In addition to LED strip lights compatible with Alexa, we have in our online store: