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Top LED Strip Lights for the bathroom

LED Strip Lights for the bathroom

Is your taste for decoration a bit… peculiar? With these LED strips you’ll grant a special touch to your bathroom. Use them in the mirror, on the wall or even on the ceiling, your imagination is the limit. Check them out!

Why buy LED strips for the bathroom?

If you place a LED strip on your bathroom mirror, on the ceiling or a wall, you’ll add a bit of personality and functionality to the bathroom. Besides the visual effect, the low consumption will help you save money and won’t be so unpleasant when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, by setting a low intensity.

To installation is the same as in any other room. You must unroll the strip and use the usually included adhesive tape to place the light exactly where you want it. Be careful, if you’re looking to place the LED strip in a place that might be exposed to water, you should go for a waterproof model (IP65, IP67 or IP68).

If you buy a 12V or 24V LED strip for your bathroom, you’ll need an adapter, but those with 110-120V voltage can be directly coupled to a conventional plug. You should take into account that higher voltage means higher energy consumption and an added danger in case of an electrical discharge. On the other hand, you can have longer and more powerful strips. As an alternative, you can find models with higher brightness, like the SMD 5050, the 5630 or the 5730.

An RGB bathroom LED strip allows you to have millions of different colours, by trying different combinations of red, green and blue, the primary colours. Additionally, you’ll find RGBW models, with the above-mentioned combinations plus white colour, in cold, warm or neutral tones.

We should also mention that these LED strips for the bathroom are not expensive, so you can light up your bathroom at a low price and, on top of it, learn about home automation and technology.

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