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Top best LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

We have done the work for you and have selected the 10 best LED strips for bedroom in 2020. They are the perfect way to deliver some light touch to every part of your bedroom. Pick your favourite!

How to illuminate your Bedroom with LED strips?

It’s really important to choose the right LED strip to illuminate your bedroom. After that, you just need to unroll it, verify that it’s working and place it with the built-in adhesive backing.

You can buy RGB (red, green, blue) models that emit millions of colours or RGBW models if you also need a white light on top of all those colours.

If you need some ideas, we can tell you that some of the most common places are the headboard of the bed, the frame of a mirror, the PC case or the TV, but also walls and ceilings. LED strips with 110-120V are great because they are powerful and can be connected to the electrical current, but 12V and 24V are also great choices, even though these need a power transformer. For electronic devices with USB, a popular choice is the 5V model with USB connection.

Now we’ll tell you about the standard characteristics of LED strips. Normally, you can choose between a static light or a flashing mode. You can also dim the intensity, set timers and program on and off schedules. This is a great thing if you want to wake up gently with a softly increasing light.

There are also top-of-the-line features for the maker in you. Some LED strips come with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled via a smartphone app or even voice control through a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

If you’re wondering about the price, relax. LED lights are cheap (with exceptions).

In addition to bedroom LED strip lights, we have in our online store: