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Top best LED Strip Lights for cabinets

best LED Strip Lights for cabinets

Would you like to make your cabinets look “cool” and improve its features? This LED buying guide will show you the best options to raise the profile of your cabinets, like sensors that turn the lights on when you open the door.

Why should you buy LED strips light for your cabinets?

First, they look amazing. And second, they can be really useful. If you buy one with a motion sensor, you can have the lights on as soon as you open the door, so you’ll be able to better search for your clothes or impress your guests when you’re about to serve them a drink.

The most common solutions for cabinets have just one colour and it’s usually white. But you can still get RGB LED strips to light up your place in many colours.

It’s important to highlight that the energy consumption is quite low, due to the low voltages (5V, 9V, 12V…) and that the standard length is 1 metre. If you need a longer strip, you can buy a custom size or use more than 1 strip together.

There are also some custom prototypes for cabinets that you can use, or you can buy other types of strips and place them inside the cabinet. We recommend that you use LED strips that run on batteries because normally you won’t find outlets inside a closet or a cabinet.

Installing LED strips is an easy task. The strips are usually adherent and you’ll just need to stick them to the cabinet.

In addition to LED strip for cabinets, we have in our online store: