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Top Best Ceiling LED Strip Lights

Ceiling LED Strip Lights

Light up your house from above and let the light flow down on you, your family and your friends, with one of these top 10 ceiling LED strips.

How to install LED strips on the ceiling?

If you’re wondering how to install a LED strip on the ceiling, don’t worry. It’s quite easy! The first step is to unroll your new purchase completely and turn it on to make sure that it’s working properly. The second step is to place the strip on the ceiling, and this step depends on the type of adhesive you’ve chosen. Most LED strips have an adhesive backing that is usually enough to hold it in its place, but if you want to be sure that it will hold even against the weather, you can use silicone or other strong adhesives.

Usually, when installing LEDs on the ceiling, it is common to conceal them with an aluminium profile or with plasterboard. This will enhance the looks of your lighting system and provide higher safety, as well as the resistance to the elements. You can even find other solutions, like dropped ceilings, also called false ceilings, to hide your LED system.

Make sure that you buy a LED strip that fits your needs! If you need a strip with a considerable length, 110-120V LED ceiling strips are the best option, because they allow for a greater length while emitting high-brightness light. Low-voltage models, like the 24V or the 12V, have limited lengths and provide less light. And if you are looking for bright lights, go for big LED models, like the SMD 5050, SMD 5630 or SMD 5730.

If you search for top-of-the-line models of LED strips, you’ll find advanced features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow you to control every parameter of your LED system with your smartphone or through your home assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Why buy a ceiling LED strip?

There’s no such thing as ceiling LED strips, they’re just LED strips that you can put on the ceiling. But you can use those same LEDs for the wall, the floor, a door frame, or whatever you can imagine.

RGB LED strips will give you virtually infinite possibilities of colour combinations, just by mixing red, green and blue. As a standard functionality, you can choose between static light or flashing light. If we move one step up the ladder, we can find some models that allow for the adjustment of hue and brightness, and others that will let you set timers and program schedules.

You can combine attached LED strips on the ceiling with other light systems to create amazing ambiences of colour. To give it an extra touch, use aluminium profiles or strip channels to provide extra protection and a better look.

Where would you like to place your strips? There are myriad options: living room, basement, kitchen, bathroom, attic… It’s your choice!

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