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Are you looking for the best connectors for LED strips?

connectors for LED strip Lights

When installing LED strips in your home you might need connectors to join several strips of LED, and these come in several options: 2-pin, 4-pin, 8mm, 10mm, corners… We can help you choose the best connector for your needs.

What’s a LED strip connector?

A LED strip connector is a simple piece that allows you to splice more than one LED strip, to create larger systems of light. If you’re just using one LED strip, don’t worry about connectors. But if you want to create something bigger, with more LED lights, the best solution is to use connectors to connect several strips.

For a complex LED lighting system you might need several different types of connectors to couple different kinds of strips, and that’s why it’s important to know what types of LED connectors exist.

What are the types of LED connectors?

  • 2-pin connector: the most common option to splice two LED light strips of one colour;
  • 4-pin connector: used to connect LED light strips with RGB capability;
  • Splice connectors: Common models are the 10mm and the 8mm connectors and these can be used to join two led strips. You’ll find single models and models with separation.
  • Corner connectors: The usual sizes are 10mm and 8mm and these are perfect for corners and turns.

Why buy a connector for LED strips?

There only so much you can do with one LED strip. But if you use connectors to splice several LED strips, you can create beautiful complex systems, with different colours and tones.

Make sure that you match the right type of connector with the specs of your LED light strips. Special attention must be taken to the colour options (single colour, RGB, RGBW) and to the voltage (5V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 110-120V), to have perfect compatibility.

It is very important to choose connectors of the right type and size, to have a perfectly functional LED system. Also, like the LED strips, connectors are affordable, so that not something that should worry you.

Develop your passion for lighting, technology and home automation just by installing a cool LED lighting system with connectors and advanced features.

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