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Top best Dimmable LED Strip Lights

Dimmable LED Strip Lights

Did you know that LED strips allow for total control? Dimmable LED strips let you adjust the intensity and make things just perfect. Check our selection.

How does a dimmable LED strip work?

The installation of a dimmable LED strip is the same as in any other LED strip model. You should unroll the complete strip and verify that everything is in order. Then, you just have to stick it. That’s it!

Usually, LED strips come with an adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick it to any wall, floor or piece of furniture. But if you want to place your dimmable LED strip outside, like your garden or your porch, you might want to use a stronger adhesive and choose a water-resistant LED strip, or a submersible waterproof LED with IP65, Ip67 or IP68 protection, if you want to place it underwater (like a pool, a pond or an aquarium). This level of protection should also guarantee that the LED won’t be affected by high or low temperatures.

Now, let’s talk about colour. Buy an RGB LED strip to be able to adjust the intensity of millions of colours, due to the red, green and blue combinations. To have white light as well, in warm or cold tones, buy an RGBW LED strip.

The above mentioned are the basic functionalities of dimmable LED strip, but if you love technology and want to learn something about home automation and smart lighting, you should go an advanced model, with Wi-Fi connection, that you can connect to your phone, to control everything with an app, or connect it to a home assistant, like Google Home or Alexa, and control your lights with nothing but your voice. Forget the dimmer switch!

Normally, dimmable LED strips can go from low intensity to high-intensity light, and that is why they work well with 110-120V of voltage. There are also low-voltage options, like 12V or 24V, but they are not so common.

Dimmable LED strips are cheap and will give you the chance of lighting up your house, inside and outside, with adjustable intensities and colours, while learning about technology!

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