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Top best flexible LED Strip Lights

Flexible LED Strip Lights

Picture this: having your home, your car, your garden and your pool decorated according to your personality, with different amazing colours. Does it sound cool? If it does, you’re in the right place, just check out our top 10 flexible LED strips of 2020!

Learn how to install a flexible LED strip

Installing a flexible LED strip is a very simple task, we’ll tell you how to do it. In the first place, check that the product is working correctly, unrolling it completely. Choose the ideal place for your LED strip and attach it to the ceiling, floor, wall, furniture or car with the adhesive tape or band that comes with the product. If you’re looking to install your LED strip outdoors, in your garden, pool or an aquarium, you should buy a waterproof model with IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection and use a more powerful material, like silicone, to properly place the LED.

Refer to each of the models to find their main features, each LED strip has something different and will vary especially between LED strips for interior or exterior. There are also specific models for your car, so choose accordingly. It does sound like a great idea to light up the inside of your car, its trunk, the sound system or even the headlights, with directional LED lights (DRL).

You should check how many lumens each model has because each flexible LED strip has a different intensity of light. Some models are built for higher brightness, like the SMD 5050, 5630 or 5730, but others will depend mainly on the voltage for intensity. Flexible LED strips that handle 110-120V will have a higher luminosity, while low-voltage prototypes, like the 12V or the 24V, will emit less light, but they need a transformer and will also consume less power.

Besides all these standard features, some LED lights have advanced innovative characteristics, because they can connect to your Wi-Fi and to a virtual assistant, like Alexa or Google Home, to allow voice control or smartphone control.

We’ll tell you why you should buy flexible LED strips

Turn yourself into a light painter by mixing red, green and blue in your flexible RGB LED strip to achieve millions of colours. If you also need white light, buy an RGBW model, that can come with cold or warm white tones.

You can also choose between static light or flashing light, depending on what you need, adjust the intensity and use timers to schedule your lighting.

Flexible LED strips are easy to install and will look awesome anywhere you place them, in any shape you need. For your bedroom, an aquarium, the inside of your car or the case of your PC, there’s a solution for every need.

As for the price, flexible LED strips are generally cheap and easy to use. You can start creating multi-coloured places at a low cost and also learn something about home automation along the way.

In addition to flexible LED strip Lights, we have in our online store: