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Top best High-Brightness LED Strip Lights

High-Brightness LED Strip Lights

For an amazing power, buy a high-brightness LED strip. This is the right place to find what you need – just check our selection of LED strips that provide high intensity and great luminosity.

How to install a high-brightness LED strip?

High-brightness LED strips work just like any other model of LED strips. They just shine brighter! As soon as you get yours, unroll the strip and make sure that everything’s working correctly. You probably know already at this point where you want to place your LED strip, so just stick it to the wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, TV, or anywhere else you want. Just use the adhesive that usually comes with the strip. But careful, if you’re going to place the LED outdoors or in places where there’s water, you should use silicone or similar materials, to make sure the LED will stay in place.

You can even buy waterproof models with IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection and place them underwater!

Several factors come into play when it comes to the brightness of a light. First, look at the lumens, because the more lumens it has, the brighter it will shine. There are special models for people looking for extra brightness, like the SMD 5630 and 5730 LED strips, that can reach 180 lumens per watt but can represent a higher power consumption.

Lastly, consider the voltage of the high-brightness LED strip to make sure it will give you the power you need. 110-120V strips that you can plug to the current are more powerful than low-voltage models, such as the 12V and 24V. Besides, these models require the use of a transformer.

Why buy high-brightness LED strips?

If you want to create amazing ambiences and deliver some colour to your favourite places, you need a high-brightness RGB LED strip. These models allow you to mix the primary colours (red, green and blue) and create millions of colours. To add white light, you will need an RGBW model.

These LED strips will make your home a brighter place and you can choose between static lights, flashing lights, or even lights that change in sync with your music. You can even get models with timers and the option to define the intensity and the tone of your light.

To make things even more interesting, search for LED strips with extra features, like Wi-Fi connectivity, control over your smartphone or with your voice, which is very cool. For this last functionality, you’ll also need to have a virtual home assistant.

The price of these models can vary greatly, depending on the features that you want to have. The more basic models are cheap, while the advanced models can be slightly more expensive. But in any case, it is very affordable to create LED strips lighting in your home.

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