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Top Best Kitchen LED Strip Lights

Kitchen LED Strip Lights

Kitchens don’t need to be boring or bland. Make it a sophisticated and modern place with a kitchen LED strip!

How to install LED strips in the kitchen?

If you’re planning the installation of LED kitchen light strips, you should know that the process is fairly simple and you will obtain numerous advantages. Besides serving as decoration and making it look better, it’s a cost-effective way of illuminating the room and creating a modern place to cook with happiness.

It is, however, interesting to know how LED strips work and the types of connections. Some models can be connected to the normal sockets, either directly, if they’re 110-120V, or with a transformer or adapter, if they have lower voltages, like 12V or 24V. Some strips do not require any cables or external power, because they run on batteries. LED strips with higher voltage can emit light with higher brightness.

Some people install LED lights on the ceiling or wall of their houses, but the most popular placement, when we talk about kitchens, is a cabinet or appliances. The adhesive backing is usually enough to make it stick, but because the kitchen is a place where sometimes water and moist are quite present, you might need a stronger adhesive. Our suggestion? Use silicone or nail the strip down.

Why buy kitchen LED strips?

Make your home an even more special place, with colour and light, which is especially important for a kitchen. With an RGB LED strip, you can create incredible colour combinations, just by mixing the primary colours. And you can set the light to be static or flashing, you can set timers, you can program schedules… You’ll have the control. And if you also need white light, choose an RGBW model!

If you want to take things one step further, buy a kitchen LED strip with Wi-Fi connectivity and control everything with your smartphone! This is home automation at its best and it will make your life easier. And if you’ve already started your journey into smart devices, and you have a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, connect your LED strips and control them with nothing but your voice.

These LED strips for the kitchen are cheap and easy to install, so why wouldn’t you want to make your kitchen look amazing?

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