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TOP best LED Strip Lights for your living room

best LED Strip Lights for your living room

Imagine a colourful and magical environment in your living room, using only a LED strip. Our website is the right place to make that a reality. With these LED strips, you can turn your living room into the place of your dreams. What’s your choice?

How to light up your living room with LED strips?

The installation of LED strips in the living room is easier than you might think. The first step is to unroll the strip, turn it on to check that it’s working properly and, once you have chosen the perfect place for your LED strip, stick it with the adhesive tape (usually included). You can place it on the wall, ceiling, furniture, TV set, or wherever you can imagine.

If you want to take it up a notch, buy an aluminium profile or a channel that makes it more tidy and professional, for nice room decoration with LED strips.

The power connection will depend on the voltage of the strip. For 110-120V living room LED strips you can use a standard socket, while for the 12V and 24V, you will need an adapter. And, the higher the voltage, the higher their power and the longer they can be. On the downside, they consume more energy and can be more dangerous in the event of a discharge.

You will find LED strips for the living room in one colour or RGB, with the latter allowing for infinite combinations and millions of colours, by combining the three primary colours (red, green, blue). And yes, you can also find RGBW models that add a white option in cold, warm or neutral tone.

Each LED light strip has its features and functionalities. The most common will have a static illumination, a blinking option and the ability to regulate the hue. If we move to more advanced models of LED strips, we’ll find cool features like programming, timers, control with your smartphone or even with your voice, if you connect it to your Wi-Fi and a virtual assistant, like Alexa or Google Home.

Very important: LED strips for the living room are usually cheap, you can find affordable prices, and you will acquire some knowledge about smart home automation, besides having great lighting at home.

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