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Top Best Motion Detector LED Strip Lights

Motion Detector LED Strip Lights

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lights turn off as soon as you leave a room or light up the inside of your wardrobe as you open its door? LED strips with motion sensors make this possible, so check out our suggestions.

Why buy LED strips with a motion sensor?

With a motion sensor LED strip you will be the master of light. Have your lights turn on when you enter a room or when you open a door or turn off as soon as you leave. It’s a cool feature and will allow you to save some money. You can even program the lighting intensity to make it lower during the night, so going to the bathroom at 4 am will not be so unpleasant.

If on top of this, you want to have millions of different colours on your LED strip, you should get an RGB model with motion sensor. These models combine the primary colours red, green and blue to create endless possibilities. If you want to go a step further, buy an advanced model with Wi-Fi that you can control with your smartphone or connect it to Alexa or Google Home, for voice control LED strips. We should tell you that these features are not usually found in motion sensor models, so you’ll have to look closely.

You should also consider is if you want to buy LED strips with motion sensors built-in or if you prefer to buy them in separate.

Don’t worry about the price of LED strips, they are cheap, and have them with a motion sensor does not make them much more expensive and you’ll always get great performance.

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