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Top best Multicoloured LED Strip Lights

Multicoloured LED Strip Lights

With some multicoloured LED strips, you’ll be able to design beautiful and live environments with great moods. Check out the top 10 best multicoloured LED strips of 2020!

How to install a multicoloured LED strip?

The first step to install a multicoloured LED strip must be completely unrolled to make sure that it is in perfect conditions. The second and last step is to place it on the wall, ceiling, furniture or device of your choice! They normally come with an adhesive backing, so it’s very easy to stick them.

If you are going to install a coloured LED outside, you probably need a stronger adhesive, like silicone or other fixation devices, like nails. The model you buy should also be water-resistant, with IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection, but if you want to install it inside a pool on an aquarium, you need to make sure it’s waterproof and submersible.

There are two main options for LED strips that can emit millions of colours. The RGB LED strips can combine the three primary colours, while the RGBW can also illuminate with white light, in cool or warm tones. Almost every model comes with the options of static versus flashing light, and you can usually program them and set timers, as well as change the intensity of the light.

The top-of-the-line models carry some extra features due to Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control the parameters with your smartphone or even with your voice if you connect it to your Google Home or Alexa. Now you don’t need a remote control and you can show off your tech skills!

The most common voltages for these multicoloured strips are 110-120V, 24V and 12V. You should know that higher voltages can sustain lengthier strips and higher brightness levels, but they can be slightly dangerous in case of a discharge, while at the same time consuming more energy.

Why buy coloured LED strips?

Basically, to bring some colour to your life! Create beautiful ambiences with vivid colours and lights, with multicoloured LED strips. You won’t believe the possibilities. And if you want to go for bold bright lights, you should buy high-brightness models, like the SMD 5050 or the SMD 5630.

Would you like to control your coloured LED lights with your phone? Or maybe just with your voice? Yes, that’s possible! For the first option, you only need to buy a model with Wi-Fi, and for the second you also need a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Alexa.

Coloured LED strips are cheap, so go ahead and start designing your very own smart lighting system, in case you already have some experience.

But, if this is your first time with lighting products like these, start slowly with basic models that are easy to install and use, and learn a bit about home automation before moving to smarter models

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