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Top LED Strip Lights for your PC

Best LED Strip Lights for PC

Step up your game by decorating your computer with cool glowing lights that you can program. Don’t miss these LED strips for PC!

How to install a LED strip on your PC?

It’s easy to install and connect a LED strip on your PC case with these simple steps. First, unroll the strip and make sure that the LED lights are working properly. Next, stick the strip behind the monitor or inside the case using the adhesive tape or magnetic band that comes with your LED strip.

Mainly, LED strips to use in computers have a convenient USB connection so that you can power them with the computer. The voltage on these strips is normally 5V, which is perfect for this kind of connection.

You can have millions of colours glowing in your computer if you buy an RGB PC LED strip, which allows for virtually infinite combinations of red, green and blue. If you also want white light, RGBW models are available that offer the same colour options but add a cold, warm or neutral tone of white.

PC LED strips offer the usual features: Fixed tone lighting, intermittent lighting, setting timers and schedules or tone regulation.

Advanced features, like control over smartphone or voice control (if you have Alexa, Google Home or any other virtual assistant and a Wi-Fi connection) are also available for some models.

As a final note, LED strips for PC are quite cheap. With a small investment, you’ll be able to buy the ultimate decoration for your PC, while also improving your knowledge of lighting and home automation, in case you go for an advanced LED strip.

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