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Top best aluminium profiles for LED strip Lights

aluminium profiles for LED strip lights

Make your LED strips look even better and more professional with one of the 10 best aluminium profiles for LED strips. Check these options to improve your home.

What is an aluminium profile for LED strip?

The purpose of aluminium profiles is to protect the LED strip from any external factors, like dust, water or any potential damage. They are also a great way of giving your LED installation a more professional look and they provide stable and reliable fixation. You can find profiles in other materials as well.

Profiles for LED strips can work with virtually any voltage, from 5V to 110-120V, and you can find them in all sizes, with the usual being 2 meters, which you can cut if needed or connect with other profiles if the strip is longer. As for colour options, you will also find your favourite, because they are available in a wide range of tones. And if you want to have a LED strip in a corner or at an angle, there are profiles for that.

It’s quite easy to install an aluminium profile for LED strips, but it does require some manual skills. Some models can be “trickier” than others and, depending on the adhesive, on the placement or if it’s necessary to drill, it can be a good idea to ask for some professional help.

Some profiles come with integrated LED strips, but we do recommend that you buy them separately. This will ensure greater quality.

What types of profiles for LEDs are there?

  • Surface profiles
  • Embedded profiles
  • Wall profiles
  • Corner profiles
  • Floor Profiles
  • Stair profiles
  • Profiles for showcases and shop windows
  • Profiles for cabinets
  • And many more…

Do aluminium profiles for LEDs need to be installed by a professional?

This can be one of those DIY activities that you can do on a weekend, but if you’re not confident, you should call someone who will be able to guarantee a safe and correct installation.

These are the steps to install an aluminium profile for LEDs:

  1. Buy an aluminium profile with the desired length or cut it with a saw, if it’s too long
  2. Detach the diffuser from the profile
  3. Apply the adhesive of your choice to the profile and attach the profile to its final location
  4. Wait for the adhesive to dry and only then attach the LED strip to the profile
  5. Connect the strip to the power supply to make sure everything is working properly
  6. If it is working, attach the profile cover

Why buy aluminium profiles for LED strips?

There are two main reasons for buying aluminium profiles for your LED strips: they look good and professional and they provide extra safety for your house and for the LED strip itself, especially if you intend to place it outside, where the weather can be a problem.

If you are on the process of buying one, make sure that you check some of the main aspects. Here are a few pointers:

  • Are the strips flexible or rigid?
  • Verify the thickness of the strip and make sure that it fits.
  • What kind of protection do you need? Should you buy an opal diffuser or a transparent one?
  • How hard is it to install that specific model?

The price of aluminium profiles is quite affordable, which doesn’t mean they are not of good quality and we recommend them.

Choose any place to install your LED strips with the aluminium profile! Your bedroom? The bathrooms? Your basement? Garden? Just be sure to measure the place and buy accordingly. If you have children or pets, think if the location is appropriate and if it will require additional protection.

Aluminium profiles for LED strips are a great way of improving your lighting system and they work perfectly with LED lights, not reducing the intensity nor the quality of the light. They will also make them last longer, so they are well worth it.

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