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Top best LED Strip Lights with Rechargeable Battery

LED Strip Lights with Rechargeable Battery

LED strips with rechargeable battery are becoming a popular choice. Say goodbye to cables and adapters. Besides, you can carry them anywhere you go!

How does a LED strip with rechargeable battery work?

We’ll teach how they work and how to install a LED strip with a rechargeable battery. Take the LED strip out and unroll it to make sure that it works without any problems. If it does, there’s just one more step to complete the installation: stick the LED where you want to with the adhesive backing that comes with the strip. Now you can enjoy the LED light!

There are also LED strips with lithium batteries, and they work in the same way as LED strips with rechargeable batteries. People tend to use them inside their houses, in places such as the kitchen, the bedroom, the hallway, the garage, but also on the outside, but these need to have IP65, IP67 or IP68 for water resistance.

Battery-connected LED strips work with low voltages (5V, 9V or 12V) and a higher voltage may cause malfunctioning and even damage the strip.

You also have the option of buying an extra battery for your LED strips in case you want to take it to a party!

Why buy LED strips with a rechargeable battery?

Forget about cables and finding a plug. Take your LED strips with rechargeable battery with you, anywhere you want to go. But don’t forget to charge those batteries before you leave…

Either if you’re buying a new LED strip or if you already have one but are interested in changing the one it is powered, a 12V battery is a great choice to power up your LED strip. It is the most popular voltage for this type of strips (but make sure yours is suitable for this electric voltage). If your LED strip has a lower voltage capacity, don’t worry, there are also batteries for 5V and 9V LED strips.

Traditional lithium batteries and rechargeable cells can help you bring out your personality wherever you go, especially if you have RGB or RGBW LED strips. With these strips you’ll be able to mix the primary colours, red, green and blue, to create virtually millions of colours. Just imagine the possibilities.

If you are familiar with LED lights, you probably know their main features: fixed colour light, flashing light and programmable schedules and timers. But did you know that advanced LED strips have way cooler features? Some LED strips, if they have Wi-Fi connectivity, can be connected to a smartphone or even your home assistant to regulate tones and intensity, and basically to control every aspect with your phone or your voice.

Just be sure to check that you buy a battery that’s compatible with your LED strip.

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