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Top best Rigid LED Strip Lights

Rigid strip Lights

You’ve found the right place if you want to create luminous multi-coloured atmospheres at home. What’s your favourite rigid LED strip?

Why buy a rigid LED strip?

One of the hottest products right now is the rigid LED strip, which is perfect for any surface, doesn’t matter if it’s the ceiling, the wall or even furniture, but especially its high demand has to do with being perfect for swimming pools or aquariums. Well, that is true for the waterproof models, of course, with IP65, IP66 or IP68 protection.

It’s a great alternative to the flexible LED strips, but you should know that you can also make a rigid strip out of a flexible one. You just need to use an aluminium profile!

There are some high-brightness models of rigid LED strips with a high level of lumens, like the SMD 5050, 5630 or 5730, if you’re looking for that extra brightness. The brightness, or the light intensity, also depends on the voltage of the strip. 110-120V strips emit more light and can be connected to standard sockets, while the lower voltage models, like the 12V or 24V while needing a transformer to work, have a lower light output.

Both the flexible and the right RGB LED strips will give you the chance of playing with multiple combinations of red, green and blue, to produce millions of colours. With the RGBW models, you’ll have all that plus a white light, in cold or warm versions.

Each different model has different features and functionalities. The standard models can have a static light or an intermittent light, and they usually allow you to set the intensity to your liking. With more advanced LED lights, you can control them with your smartphone or even with voice, if you connect it to your Google Home or Alexa via Wi-Fi. Make sure that you check the features before buying your LED strip.

You should also note that LED strips are cheap, in general, so you can decorate any part of your home, indoor and outdoor, with a small investment. You might also learn a thing or two about technology and home automation!

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