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Top Best Smart LED Strip Lights

Smart LED Strip Lights

Impress your friends with Smart LED strips controlled with your smartphone or just with your voice, with any LED strip from this top 10! What are you waiting for?

How does a smart LED strip work?

Smart LED strips are not difficult to use at all. You will need to download an app, for your Android or iOS device, and connect the LED strip virtually via your Wi-Fi connection.

One of the greatest things about smart LED strips is the advanced features that will allow you to do so much more! You will be able to manage and adjust all the parameters of your LED light from your phone and from anywhere in the world! And if you have a virtual assistant, such as Google Home or Alexa, you can connect your LED strips and control them with your voice. How cool is that?

Features can vary widely from one model of LED strips to another, and you will find the perfect model for your needs, whichever they are. If we talk about voltage, there are smart LED strips that operate with 110-120V and can be connected to any socket of your house; There are models with lower voltages, like 24V or 12V, that require an adapter; And there are USB models, perfect for electronic devices, that run on 5V. Depending on the voltage, you can have longer or shorter strips, and higher or lower light intensity, both on a direct proportion. The higher the voltage, the longer the strip can be, and the higher the intensity.

Why buy smart LED strips?

Because it will bring millions of colours into your house, if it’s a smart RGB LED strip, and also white light in different tones if it’s an RGBW model. They are very easy to install and use, and you will be able to choose between fixed light or flashing light, as well as program schedules, set timers, adjust brightness and select hues.

A smart LED strip is a great way of adding a dash of your personality to any room, wall, ceiling or piece of furniture, cheaply and easily. And if you use several strips, you’ll be able to create even cooler and complex systems.

If you combine several strips you can create smart and magical environments with as many colours as you like, and make them shine the way you want.

The price isn’t something that should worry you. Smart LED lights can be affordable, starting at 15 or 20 pounds, so don’t waste your time searching for cheaper options!

There’s one last reason and that’s the ability to learn something new about technology, like home automation and smart lighting

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