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Top Best transformerless LED Strip Lights

transformerless LED Strip Lights

The easiest way of connecting your LED strips to the electrical current. Find below our choice for top 10 LED strips without a transformer.

How to connect a transformerless LED strip?

Don’t worry about the installation of transformerless LED strips, because it’s as simple as it can be. Just unroll the strip, plug it in and attach the strip to its final location. That’s it!

The USA, LED strips without a transformer operate at 110-120V. For models with lower voltages, like 12V or 24V, you will need an adapter or a transformer to work.

You can place these LED strips anywhere you want, and options are endless, such as walls, ceiling, furniture, electronic devices, stairs, garden, pool… Some models of LED strips without transformer are apt for the outdoor, and they’re usually waterproof, counting with IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection.

Please note that some of the low-voltage models, such as the 5V or 12V, don’t need a transformer and can be connected to the cigarette lighter of your car, run on batteries or have a USB connection.

If you are interested in technology and innovation, find a LED strip with Wi-Fi connectivity and control it with your phone or your voice (if you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa). We’re sure that you’d like to impress your friends!

Why buy LED strips without a transformer?

Besides the advantage of not having the transformer, LED strips that work with RGB colours (red, green and blue) will offer you the chance of having millions of colours with a small strip. If the strip is RGBW, you will also have white tones. You can mix and combine several LED strips and play with the different colours, tones and intensities to create a smart lighting system that looks cool.

Connect these LED strips anywhere in your house, inside or outside. Popular options are the kitchen, living room, bedroom, TV sets and PC cases.

Transformerless LED strips are quite cheap and easy to use, just plug-in and enjoy!

In addition to transformerless LED strip lights, we have in our online store: