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TOP best LED Strip lights Transformers

transformerless LED Strip Lights

If you want lower consumption, you’ll need lower voltages, and for that, you’ll need a LED strip transformer. This page gives you an overview of the best options available.

How to choose a transformer for low-voltage LED strips?

The standard plug in the USA is 110V-120V and LED strips that can be plugged into the electrical current withstand that amount of voltage without a problem. But if you are looking to buy lower consumption models, 12V and 24V models can help you with the electricity bill, although they need a transformer to adapt them to the current.

There is a simple calculation that you should do to understand what type of transformer you should buy: length of the strip (in meters) x watts consumed per meter x 1.2 (the coefficient applied for a safety margin not to overload the strip). So, you need to be sure about the length and the watts consumption of the strip before buying the adapter.

Let’s give you an example: for a 12V LED strip transformer, you should have 2 meters of strip, each meter with consumption of 14.4W. Going back to our calculations, we’d have 2 x 14.4W x 1.2 = 34.56 watts. The result is the power of the transformer that you’ll need.

There is a clear advantage in using low-voltage LED strips with a transformer, and that is the smaller energy consumption, but it is also less dangerous in the event of a discharge, compared to a 110-120V model. On the negative side, the length of the strip is more limited and the intensity of the light will be lower unless you buy high-brightness LED strips: SMD 5050, 5630 or 5730.

How to connect a LED strip to a transformer?

If you want to know how to connect a LED strip to a transformer, just check the video below and follow the steps:

The transformers for RGB LED strips are the main choice because they can produce millions of colours by combining red, green and blue, the primary colours, while the RGBW versions do the same thing, adding a white light, in cold or warm tones. Lastly, there’s the standard one-colour LED strips.

With a transformer for multicolour LED strips, you will create amazing rooms and ambiences, with low energy consumption.

You can also find mini transformers for LED strips, which look much better, or you can try to embed the transformer to conceal it, as well as the wiring.

LED strips are quite affordable, here you’ll find cheap models that will make for a great decoration and will also give you some insights into home automation and intelligent lighting.

In addition to LED strip Lights transformers, we have in our online store: