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Top Best Ultraviolet LED Strip Lights

Ultraviolet LED Strip Lights

Highlight the best features of your house with some black light to create an amazing environment. We’re here to help and show you the best ultraviolet LED strips that you can buy, so you just have to choose.

Why buy ultraviolet LED strips?

If you’re looking to highlight some architectural feature of a room and create some amazing light effects, these black light LED strips can help.

Regarding power, you can find LED strips with 110-120V that you can use with the standard sockets and 12V and 24V strips that require a transformer. The energy consumption is directly related to the voltage (lower voltage means lower power consumption) and the lower voltage models are safer in the event of a discharge. To combine power savings and high brightness, you can opt for models like SMD 5050, 5630 or 5730.

As soon as you know where you want to place the LED strip (kitchen wall, bedroom ceiling, any piece of furniture), just stick it with the adhesive tape that usually comes with the LED strip. If you want to place the LED strip outside, there are also specific models for your pool or your garden, with special adhesive materials and waterproof, with IP65, IP67 or IP68.

What are the benefits of a black LED strip? There are fixed lights, intermittent lights and even models that you can program to create schedules, set timers and change the tone of the light. Moving up the range, you’ll find advanced features through Wi-Fi connection, allowing voice control, if you connect your LED strip to a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Alexa, or simply manage your lights with your smartphone.

With low prices and easy to install, the ultraviolet LED light strips are a great way of expanding your knowledge of smart automation, besides creating cool spaces.

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