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Top best USB LED Strip Lights

USB LED Strip Lights

Just imagine playing video games or watching your favourite TV show with amazing lighting and an ambience that suits your mood… Get a USB LED strip now!

How does a USB LED strip work?

Well, the name is a clear giveaway, isn’t it? a USB LED strip has to be connected to a USB port and comes prepared for that with a USB plug. These models are great to add some personality to your TV, your PC case, or any other electronic device.

The regular USB LED strips work with a 5V voltage, which means they are ready to work plugged to an electronic device, without the need for an adapter (like 12V or 24V models) or electrical power (like the 110-120V models). But this also means that they have a very limited length, usually only 2 meters, which should be OK if you are decorating something small, like your PC case or your smart TV.

Connecting LED strips to USB starts by stretching the LED strip and plugging it to a USB port. Then, carefully place the strip around your TV or inside the PC case. Finally, turn it on and enjoy the magic light.

You can also use them to improve the aspect of other things in your house, like some pieces of furniture, a sound system or any place that’s close to a USB port.

Why buy USB LED strips?

The main reason to buy USB LED strips? Your house will look amazing, with cool glow and a modernist touch. Light up small parts of your house to make it look even better.

LED strips with USB can also have RGB capabilities, which means they can combine the primary colours (red, green and blue) to create millions of different colours, so the possibilities are endless. Create ambiences with fixed lights or flashing lights. You can even synchronize them with the music, adjust the hue and the intensity, or create schedules and set timers!

If you buy a model with Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be able to control everything, from turning it on and off to setting timers, with your smartphone, anywhere in the world, or give your orders with your words, through a connection to Google Home or Alexa (if you have one of these virtual assistants).

It’s incredibly easy to connect LED strips by USB, it doesn’t require previous experience!

You can buy strips of LED lights with a USB plug at a very affordable price. This will present you with the opportunity of learning about lighting easily and safely.

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