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Top best waterproof LED strips (IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection)

waterproof LED strips

Use one of the best waterproof LED strips on your garden and forget about the rain. Or place a waterproof LED inside your pool and throw amazing parties. The options are endless.

What is the difference between submersible and waterproof LED strips?

You can place submersible LED strips underwater, like in pools, ponds or an aquarium, while waterproof LED strips can only withstand a small amount of water, making them perfect for the outside of your house.

What are the degrees of resistance to water?

Any of these LED strip models have some degree of resistance to water. The submersible LEDs win this particular competition and have higher IP protection. Let’s look at some examples to better understand this. If we take the IP65, IP67 and IP68 models, the most water-resistant is the one with the higher number, and that means it is the better choice for submersion. You could still use IP65 or IP67 LED strips, but it would have a lower level of protection.

It is also recommended that you consult the seller to assess the level of resistance to water. We merely recommend and display LED strips options, with the characteristics being provided by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for the information provided.

What are the features of a waterproof LED strip?

One special thing about waterproof LED strips for underwater use is that you need a special adhesive material, like silicone, to guarantee a secure installation. If you’re not going to submerge the LED, it’s usually enough to fix it with the adhesive backing.

You should not cut, splice or weld waterproof LED strips unless you are a professional, because that might create an electrical hazard.

The voltage is normally associated with safety and power consumption, in different ways. Higher voltages present a higher danger and higher energy use. The light intensity and the length of the strip also depend on the voltage (among other things), so for example, a 110-120V LED will emit a brighter light and allow more meters of strip, while a 24V will be less bright and the strips should be shorter.

Why buy waterproof LED strips?

If you want to improve the look-and-feel of your outdoors, like your garden or your pool, a waterproof LED strip is an amazing option, especially if it’s an RGB model with millions of colours or an RGBW that also has white light.

Submersible waterproof LED strips are also used to create special light effects in aquariums!

The basic features on any LED strip model are the option to have a static light or a flashing light, dimming the intensity, and setting timers. More advanced functionalities like Wi-Fi connectivity to allow control via a smartphone app or voice control with the help of a virtual assistant (like Google Home or Alexa) are available on top-of-the-line LED lights.

In any case, LED light strips are affordable, easy to install and a great way of having fun.

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