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Top best white LED Strip Lights

White LED Strip Lights

The shades of white are always welcoming and cosy, so check out these white LED strips to make your home a better place. Which one do you like?

How does a white LED strip work?

A white LED strip works in the same way as any other model. Follow these steps: Unroll the strip and make sure that it is working correctly; Use the adhesive that comes with the strip to place it where you want it (wall, ceiling, furniture, floor); Lastly, enjoy your new lights! There are also outdoor models, for your garden or your pool, and even for aquariums. These require a more powerful adhesive, like silicone, and should be waterproof, with IP65, Ip67 and IP68 protection.

Some 110-120V white LED strips can be plugged to a standard socket, but it is also possible to buy models with lower voltages (12V or 24V), which consume less and present less danger but require a transformer. The drawback is in the length of these strips, which has to be shorter and in their lower intensity. To balance this, you can get a high-brightness prototype, like the SMD 5050, the  SMD 5630 or the SMD 5730.

You can also choose between cold white, warm white, neutral and amber. Apart from these single colour models, RGBW LED strips offer the same white light but add millions of colours, by a combination of the primary colours.

Besides, there are also a few models of dual white LED strips available, if you’re undecided about which hue you need.

How to choose a white light? Warm, cold or neutral?

The difference is in the degrees Kelvin that each strip emits, which will determine the shade of white and the sensation that it produces:

  • Warm white LED strip: Below 3,300 degrees Kelvin produces a cosy warm feeling.
  • Cold white LED Strip: Between 5,000 and 6,500 degrees Kelvin, makes for a more stimulating environment.
  • Neutral white LED Strip: These light emits around 4,000 degrees Kelvin and creates a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Why buy a white LED strip?

It may look like it’s a plain white light, but you can still create surprisingly vivid and inebriating ambiences with a white LED strip, doesn’t matter if it’s a cold or warm white.

There are different features for each model, and those features go from glowing fixed mode, flashing or blinking, or programmable models that allow you to set timers for on and off. You can also get a LED strip with adjustable intensity, for any white temperatures available.

Another functionality where you’ll find several options is the activation of the LED strip. You can have them with a normal light switch, with remote control, or, if you’re into innovation and technology, you can even connect your LED strip to your Wi-Fi and control it with your smartphone. Isn’t that great? But it doesn’t stop here. You can even connect some models to your home assistant, like Alexa or Google Home and expand the possibilities!

You can find many models, from the very cheap basic options to the still affordable advanced LED strips, so there’s no excuse to not decorate your house and equip it with smart home automation technology and great lighting.

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