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Top Best Remote Control LED Strip Lights

remote control LED strip lights

Take the control of your LED light strips in your hand, with remote control LED strips. This is the place to find the best models of 2020, so check them out!

How does a LED strip with remote control work?

Just follow these instructions and you’ll have your LED strip installed in a few minutes: Unroll the strip to see if it works properly; Attach it to the wall (or wherever you want to) with the included adhesive tape; Enjoy it! If you want to have LED strips in places where water may be a problem, like your garden, a swimming pool or an aquarium, you will need a waterproof model with IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection and a more powerful and resistant adhesive, like silicone. Some of these versions can even be installed underwater.

As any other strip, the LED strips with remote control come in different voltages, the most common being 110-120V, 24V or 12V. Be aware that the higher the voltage, the higher the intensity and the higher the energy consumption. There’s also more danger associated with higher voltage.

If you buy a remote control for your LED strip, you should know that they work with batteries, for most cases.

Why should you buy LED strips with a remote control?

We can tell you why you should buy LED strips with remote control: Because you’ll have the power to create and control incredible environments, especially if you get an RGB model, that can create millions of colours, or even an RGBW model, that adds white light on top of that.

With the remote control, you can turn the lights on and off, change the colours, and change the intensity of the light.

You have two options: you can either buy a remote control separately and sync it with your LED strips, or buy a LED strip with remote control, to avoid the work and the need for transformers or adapters.

As a final thought, you should know that price will not be a problem. LED strips with remote control are accessible for any wallet and you don’t need much knowledge of technology to create spectacular spaces.

In addition to remote control LED strip lights, we have in our online store: