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Top Best LED strips with a light switch

Best LED strips with a light switch

If you rather stick to a more traditional type of lighting, check our suggestions for LED strips with a light switch, and on the side, some buttons and touch switches that you can buy independently. Here they are!

How to connect LED strips to a switch?

Once you’ve made the hardest part, which is choosing the right option for your strip, learn how to connect the switch to the LED strip.

As soon as you complete these simple steps, you can start using and enjoying your 12V LED strip with a nice switch.

On this page, you’ll find the basic technical information for a standard connection of a light switch to a LED strip. If you’re looking to connect more than one switch or you want to install a touch model, that allows you to try different RGB combinations to have more colours or regulate the intensity of light, you should get in touch with a professional.

In addition to LED strip with a light switch, we have in our online store: