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Top best 110-120V LED Strip Lights

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If you need a lighting system connected to the plug in the USA, you have found the answer to your problem: Check out the 10 best 110-120V LED strips of 2020!

What is a 110-120V LED strip?

The USA uses a 110-120V electrical current. This is the main reason for being so common and also why most models are manufactured to work with this voltage, with just a plug.

Some models work with lower voltages, like 12V or 24V, which means they consume less energy and are safer than 110-120V LED strips. But, to use these models, an adapter is needed and the strip should be shorter than the 110-120V strips.

How to connect 110-120V LED strips?

Easy! You should connect 110-120V LED strips directly to any socket, because they work with the electrical current of your house, with no need for adapters or transformers. Find the closest socket to where you want to have your LED and plug it in!

110-120V LED strips can be placed anywhere in your house, inside or outside, as long as they are connected to the electrical current, without any extra devices. They come with an adhesive backing that makes your job easy, but if you want to install them outside you should consider using a stronger material, like silicone, or use staples. Another important requirement for outdoors 110-120V LED strips is the IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection, which makes them water-resistant and even submersible in some cases.

There’s no special tricks or secrets. Just plug it in when you want to use it and unplug it from the power supply when you need to disconnect it! But most models come with an on-off switch so that you don’t need to plug and unplug every time you want to turn it on or off.

What are the features of a 110-120V LED strip?

110-120V LED Strip LightsThe features of 110-120V LED strips depend on the model itself, so it’s important to match your choice with the benefits you want to get.

With all likelihood, the RGB combination might be the best feature of any LED strip. With this feature alone, you’ll be able to design beautiful areas in your house, with the millions of colours created by the mix of red, green and blue. Another awesome characteristic is that you can adjust every parameter of the light with remote control, switching between fixed light and flashing light, turning the intensity up or down, making it change colours according to the music beat… And you can cut them up or splice them to connect several strips.

As for advanced features, there are 110-120V LED light strips with motion sensors, that turn on when someone enters the room, or with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing control over an app on your smartphone or even connection with a virtual assistant, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Then you just need to create voice commands to issue orders with your words!

You will find even more functionalities like high-brightness models, synchronization with your sound system and submersible water-resistant models.

What is the price of 110-120V LED strips?

The price of 110-120V LED strips might surprise you. It does depend on the model, its features and the manufacturer, but they can start from prices anywhere between 10 and 30 pounds, for the basic models. But the big brands in the LED lighting market can charge higher prices for the advanced models, with features like Wi-Fi, for example.

110-120V LED strips can reach up to 50 meters (lower voltage models are necessarily shorter) and the longer they are, the higher the price.

In short, prices aren’t generally high, and you can create an awesome lighting system with LEDs with a small investment. Starting with basic models can also be a great way of starting your journey into smart lighting, and who knows where it might lead you? Maybe it’s just the beginning…

Why buy 110-120V LED strips?

This is one of the most common voltages for lighting devices. 110-120V LED strips can be connected to any power outlet of your house and don’t require any adapter, and they present a high level of brightness

Another huge benefit of 110-120V LED strips is that they are capable of supporting more power, which means they can be longer than lower voltage models.

You’ll make your house look cool, modern and original, with a smooth light in your bedroom to wake you up gently, white light in your kitchen to make it look cleaner, and a framed TV set that will highlight the colours. 110-120V LED strips are a great way of surprising your friends when they come by to watch the game. Splice several 110-120V LED strips together and create a complexly intelligent system that will reveal your love for technology.

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