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Top Best Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Light up the outside areas of your house and create great moments with an outdoor LED strip. On this page, you’ll find the very best LED strips for your garden or porch!

How to install an outdoor LED strip?

Installing an outdoor LED strip is a great way of adding colour and a touch of your personality to your home. Impress your neighbours and feel proud about your house and its decoration. But to do just that, it might be a good idea to learn a few things about lighting products, how they work, how to install them and how to choose the perfect LED strip for the outside of your house.

The weather must be weighed in when making your choice of LED. For the outdoors, waterproof LEDs with IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection are the best option, because they guarantee the isolation, which prevents electrical damage. It is also important to protect the LED from excessive sunlight because heat is another potential danger.

Make sure that you measure the place where you’ll install the LED so that you buy an appropriate length, which impacts the voltage that you can have. External 110-120V LED strips should be plugged to the electrical current or another potent power supply and can have up to 50 meters. If you choose a lower voltage LED strip, like a 24V or a 12V, which need a transformer because they work at a lower energy level than that of your house, you can also have 10 meters or 5 meters, respectively. LED lights that run on batteries or plugged via USB have to be even shorter.

Exterior LED strips may need a stronger adhesive, especially if the strip is exposed to the elements, but there are alternatives to the adhesive strip. The most common solution is silicone, which also resists water, or stapling the strip to the wall, floor or ceiling.

Where to install outdoor LED strips for garden

These models are usually referred to as outdoor garden LED strips, but they are not limited to use in gardens! Here’s a list of great places to install LED strips:

  • Facades: Christmas is the first thing that comes to mind, but you can have your house glowing all year long! You can use some white light for summer nights at the porch, or illuminate the entrance for the cold and dark winter nights.
  • Paths: Create light paths to make it easier and safer to access different areas of your house. Additionally, you can use LED strips with a motion sensor to light up when needed and turn off to save energy when idle.
  • Doorsteps: This can serve as decoration, safety measure and also facilitates the access for your guests.
  • Pool: This is one popular placement for LED strips. You will need a submersible model if you want to put it inside the pool, but it will be worth it.
  • Anywhere else: There are no limits to what you can do with LED lights! Use them to bring out some light to the barbecue area, to create magical ambiences under a tree or to frame the garage door.

Why buy outdoor LED light strips?

Outdoor LED lights strips are great as Christmas lights, with warm colours, or for endless summer nights, enjoying a beer and talking about everything under a bright light.

Models with RGB capabilities can combine red, green and blue to create millions of different colours! You can choose between a fixed light or a flashing light, depending on your needs. With some models you can also set timers and schedules, to save some energy. And, if you’re into music and parties, some models can be synchronized with the sound system!

Basic models are usually controlled with remote control, but if you buy a LED strip with Wi-Fi connectivity you will be able to use your smartphone or even your voice, because some LED strips can be connected to a virtual assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

As some final ideas for your LED strips, how about decorating your motorhome or campervan? Maybe you have a family wedding coming? Many weddings use LED lights as decoration!

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