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Top Best RGB LED Strip Lights to buy

RGB LED Strip Lights

Bring out the best of your home, garden, pool, computer or even car with one of these top 10 RGB LED strips. This page has everything you need for that! We have selected 10 of the best RGB LED strips in 2020, with models capable of emitting up to 16 million colours and with affordable prices! You will also find our recommendations and instructions for installation and operation. Scroll down to discover the best selling LED strips.

How does a coloured RGB LED strip work?

RGB LED Strip LightsIt’s easy to explain and easy to understand how an RGB LED strip work. Red, green and blue are the primary colours and the basis for every colour existing. By combining these three colours, RGB LED strips give you the chance of using all the colours available in one LED strip. And there’s also the RGBW version, which adds white light to the equation.

You can control and change the colours of your RGB LED light with remote control, which usually comes with the strip, but some models are more advanced and have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. If you have one of these models you can use your smartphone to program changes, set timers, adjust the brightness, and much more.

Different colours create different moods, so choose the best options for each environment. And there are also important differences in the voltage that mean differences in the length. For example, 12V LED strips are shorter in length, which means they might be a good fit for your car, while 110-120V LED strips are longer, so they’re better for big spaces, and 5V LED strips with USB are perfect for electronic devices. Finally, you can also find waterproof models for your garden, your pool, or any other place that might be exposed to water. Just look for the IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection.

Why buy RGB LED strips?

Because of the colour. RGB LED strips can give you millions of colours, virtually infinite variations for your light. Create cold environments, warm ambiences, modern or antique… That will be your choice.

One LED strip is great, but many RGB LED strips are incredible! If you create a complex lighting system, with different LED strips, you can create multi-coloured ambiences, perfect for parties or home cinemas, for example. Combine different intensities, hues, tones, and make them sync in the way that you want. Cut them in different shapes and splice others to connect them. Be creative!

RGBW LED strips will allow you the same colour combinations but they add white light, in cold, warm or neutral tones, so you can illuminate for different needs.

Basic models are affordable and advanced models are also not expensive. And even the basic models from new manufacturers have great features that will benefit your house.

You can start small and move up from there, expanding your lighting system step by step. If you are into technology, an RGB LED light will give you an entry point to the world of lighting and home automation, while making your house look better.