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Top Best 12V LED Strip Lights

12V LED Strip Lights

12V LED strips are one of the best options if you worry about safety and saving some energy. Check out the best ones.

What is a 12V LED strip?

First of all, 12V LED strips are easy to install and to operate. They do need an adapter to convert your house’s current into a voltage that they can support. They also provide less intense light than 110-120V models, but you can buy a high-brightness LED to compensate. Regarding the length of the strip, this is limited to around 5 meters, because the length of LED strips depends on its voltage.

Car batteries and motorcycle batteries run on 12V, which make them great power supplies for these LED strip models if you have a proper outlet to make the connection in a completely safe way. Some other strips with 12V have USB so that you can connect them to any electronic device, which is why many people use them to decorate their TV set or PC case. Lastly, battery-powered models with 12V can also be used without a problem.

What is the difference between a 12V LED strip and LED strips with 110-120V or 24V?

The electrical current has a voltage that ranges between 110 and 120V, which can be a problem in case of an electrical discharge. Models that operate with 24V or 12V are much safer and recommended in case you have kids or pets. Besides, these models will help you save some money on the energy bill.

There aren’t many differences between 12V LED strips and 24V LED strips. The main difference (apart from the voltage) is the maximum length of the strip. You can have up to 5 meters of 12V LED strips, while 24V LED strips can support up to 10 meters because they have more power. Both of them need an adapter.

What is the price of a 12V LED strip?

12V LED Strip Lights12V LED strips offer a great price-quality relationship because basic models are quite cheap and can provide your house with the light and the benefits that you need. Being cheap, in this case, does not mean low quality. Basic models can go from 10 to 30 pounds, but the advanced, brand name products can reach up to 100 pounds.

If this is your starting point in the world of LED lighting, you can start with a basic 12V LED strip, acquire some know-how and experience, and then move on to better models, with incredible features, like Wi-Fi or motion sensors, and get the full experience.

12V LED strips can be so cheap that it’s easy to create a complex and intelligent lighting system, buy combining several strips to make them work together. And when the time comes to expand your system or to replace an item, money won’t be a problem.

Why buy 12V LED strips?

12V LED strips are perfect to decorate and illuminate any area of your house, be it inside or outside, or car or your motorcycle, your TV set or your PC case. There’s no limit to what you can improve with a LED strip. You just need to make sure that you but a waterproof 12V LED strip with IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection, against rain and snow, if you plan to use it outside.

If they have RGB capabilities, 12V LED strips will light up any place with millions of colours. RGB means red, green and blue (the primary colours), and by combining them you can obtain all other colours. Basic models of LED strips allow you to choose between fixed light or flashing light, and you can also program it. Usually done with remote control, the adjustments can also be made with your smartphone if the LED strip has Wi-Fi connectivity.

We should highlight an incredible feature of Wi-Fi enabled LED strips, and that is the ability to connect them to your virtual assistant (they usually work with Google Home or Amazon Alexa) and use voice commands to adjust any setting of your 12V LED light strip.

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