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Top LED Strip Lights for TV Screens

LED Strip Lights for TV Screens

Enhance the mesmerizing power of your TV set with LED strips for TV screens. You just need a USB connection!

How does a LED strip for TV work?

Follow these steps and you’ll be all set! First, unroll the LED strip completely and perform a test to make sure that it’s working properly. If it is, just stick behind the TV screen or around it.

You can buy the perfect LED strip for your TV by looking at the size of your TV. A 32-inch TV would need a LED strip of about 120 cm, so it would fit nicely and create a light frame around it. If you think it might be needed, you can also buy a TV LED strip that is waterproof, with IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection.

Most LED strips for TVs come with an adhesive backing that you should use to stick the strip, making it very easy to install. Then you’ll just need to connect the UBS port to the output on your TV to power it.

These LED strips work with lower voltages, usually 5V, because this is what a USB port can provide. As for the length, TV LED strips can usually have a maximum of 2 meters.

You can choose between basic models of LED strips for TV or advanced options, with really cool functions. The best one is Wi-Fi connectivity, which opens a world of possibilities. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and control everything with your smartphone or your voice (if you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa), from the intensity of the light to the timers to wake you up or schedules to save energy.

Why buy TV LED strips?

It is a great way of highlighting your TV, and you can find many user opinions that agree with us. It is also very easy to install, which is an advantage.

You can go for reputable brands, like Samsung, LG, or Panasonic, which make TVs and LED light strips, or work with other brands to provide this kind of items, but you can buy cheaper options with great results as well.

There are LED strips in many sizes, so they’ll fit your 24, 42 or 55-inch TV. You might need to cut the strip, in some cases, but this is also an easy operation. For more than 60-inch TVs, you can easily connect several strips or try to find a custom length strip.

Are you wondering how much does a TV LED strip costs? Not much. The price of LED strips if quite affordable and you can start with cheaper versions to begin your journey into smart lighting and home automation.

With an RGB LED strip for your television, you’ll be able to create incredible scenes of static and flashing light, with millions of colours, through the combination of red, green and blue, the primary colours. You will also be able to set timers and program schedules!

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