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Top best SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights

SMD 5050 LED strip lights

If power is what you want from your LED lights, you can’t go wrong with the SMD 5050 LED strips. Create beautiful and bright ambiences with these LED solutions.

Reasons to buy SMD 5050 LED strip: consumption and power

To understand LED strips a little bit better, you should know that SMD is a reference to the encapsulation and the number that follows refers to the physical size of the LED. The most common one, for example, is the 5050, which has 5mm x 5mm. As for the lumens, the measurement of the visible light that the LED emits, they depend on the number of LEDs per meter. So, 60 LEDs will have from 600 to 900 lumens, 72 LEDs have 720 to 1080 lumens and 120 LEDs can have anything from 1200 to 1800 lumens. Lumens are linked with power consumption, the more lumens, the more energy needed.

To know the exact consumption of a 5050 LED strip, you would have to know the exact intensity per meter, but it can go from 14.4W to 28.9W per meter.

The main difference from this model to some of the other common ones, like the 2835, 3528, 5630 and the 5730, is the power. If you get a bigger LED, you will get light with more intensity, and the 5050 is a great model if you want a powerful light source.

How to install a 5050 LED strip?

An easy task. 5050 LED strips are perfect for the inside (living room, bedroom, garage) and the outside (swimming pool, garden, porch) or anything in between. If you want to place them outside, you should buy a waterproof model with IP65, IP67 or IP68 protection. This is to make sure that your LED won’t be broken as soon as it rains or if the heat from the sun is too much.

Do you know the 3 steps to install a 5050 LED strip? First of all, unroll your strip completely and verify that everything is fine. Then, use the adhesive that normally comes with the LED to place it wherever you want, except if you want to place it outdoors. In that case, you should use silicone or any other powerful solution. The third step? Enjoy your beautiful LED light strip.

If you want a bright and intense light, choose a high-voltage model, like the SMD 5050 110-120V LED strip. This will also allow for a lengthier strip and can be connected directly to the plug, unlike low-voltage models like the 9V or 24V.

Do you wonder why you should buy SMD 5050 LED strip lights?

If you buy an SMD 5050 LED strip, you will be getting one of the best models available, and you’ll be able to build amazing scenes with millions of colours. This is true for the RGB LED models and RGBW LED models. These can combine red, green and blue (the primary colours) to create millions of possibilities, and the latter models also emit white light, warm or cold.

This is a best-seller, but don’t take our word for it. There are many opinions and reviews out there that will tell you how good this LED is.

SMD 5050 LED strips, like any other versions, have different options. You can buy flexible strips, for places with corners or weird shapes, and rigid strips, for straight areas. With most of the models, you can set timers and determine the intensity. On more advanced models, you’ll find cool features like voice control, via your virtual home assistant, or control with your smartphone, to impress family and friends.

This is a great opportunity to light up your favourite places and learn something about home automation in the process. The 5050 LED strips are affordable but powerful. A great choice!

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