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Top Best LED Strip Lights for your Pool

Pool LED Strip Lights

If you throw a pool party and no one sees it, is it still a party? With our top 10 pool LED strips of 2020 you will be able to take your swimming pool to a whole new level.

How to install a pool LED strip?

It’s quite simple to install a LED strip in your pool and you can do it with these easy steps. First of all, you should check that the LED strip is not broken and that it works, by unrolling it completely. If everything’s ok, install the strip on the inside of the pool, with the adhesive band in the backing of the strip. If you want to guarantee the placement and fixation, you might want to use silicone or any other material that’s waterproof and reliable.

According to the manufacturers (we exempt ourselves from any responsibility), the LED strips on this page are waterproof and have IP67 or IP68 protection, which means they are safe to use underwater. So they should be perfect for your swimming pool!

As most LED strips, the ones for pools can be set to static light or flashing light. You can even schedule on and off times or activate timers. Pro tip: program your LED strips to turn on around sunset. Imagine having a beer with your friends and suddenly that happens! You can also find models with adjustable intensity or hue.

Moving up across the range, you can also find LED strips with awesome functionalities, like control via an app on your phone or even voice control with a voice assistant. If this is something you’d like, look for models with Wi-Fi connectivity.

LED strips for pools tend to have lower voltages, like 9V, 12V or 24V, for safety reasons. This means that they can’t be too long (but you can connect several strips) and that they won’t be as bright as more powerful models.

Why buy LED strips for swimming pools?

Your friends and family, the golden hour at sunset, a few beers and your pool, with softly flashing lights in millions of colours through the water. Can you imagine that? With LED strips for swimming pools, you will be able to create that amazing atmosphere of light and colour. By combining red, green and blue (RGB) lights, you can have millions of different colours! If you also want some white light, there are RGBW models. The W stands for white.

Using a LED strip for pools (or several) you will introduce yourself to the world of home automation, smart lighting and also improve your house!

Regarding price, LED strips for swimming pools are affordable, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an awesome pool area. You can also check the good reviews from other users that are currently enjoying their LED strips.

In addition to pool LED strip lights, we have in our online store: