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Top Best LED Strip Lights compatible with Google Home

LED Strip Lights compatible with Google Home

«OK Google, dim the lights!» This is what you might say to your Google Home assistant when you need to turn the LED lights down. Sounds good? It can be your reality!

How does a Google Home compatible LED strip work?

In short, LED strips can connect to Google Home if they have Wi-Fi connectivity and there’s a Wi-Fi network available. If this is the case, then you just need to link the LED strip to your virtual assistant, and you’ll be ready to use those smart speakers.

This will give you the control and the freedom to turn your lights on and off, adjust all of the parameters available with your LED strip, and sync them with the music or according to a schedule. Anything that the LED strip can do, you’ll be able to do with your voice, with the help of your Google Home.

By creating your voice commands, you guarantee that the system understands your needs and can perform accordingly. Commands like “OK Google, turn the lights on” or “OK Google, change colour to white” will be a common sound in your house.

Why buy LED strips compatible with Google Home?

If your LED strip is compatible with Google Home, that means that you will be able to control it with your voice, without moving out of the couch or without even opening your eyes!

Joining several LED strips connected to your Google Home will blow your mind because you’ll be able to create intelligent systems that can be as coordinated as you wish. For example, you can create a path of lights activated by motion sensors so that the light will illuminate you wherever you go. You can also define one different colour for each room of your house, to match the different personalities.

LED strips to use with Google Home are not necessarily expensive, and actually, you can find many cheap models that maintain the quality. This will give you an overview of how smart lighting works and a few insights about home automation, which can help you prepare for the future.

You will be on the frontline of innovation, at least amongst your family and friends! They will drop their jaws when they see how you control an amazing light system with your words or your phone.

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